YLOC Fullerton Music Chapter

The YLOC Fullerton chapter is proud to announce that we will be starting a music program in conjunction with the regular math tutoring.  We started this program because we believe in the importance of music in producing well-rounded students, but also mostly because we wanted to get closer and more understanding of the children.  We believe that through learning music together, we will be able form a stronger bond with these students and get to know each other better. We are lucky to have a Mrs. Helen Huh, a professional musician, as our director and many qualified tutors for several instruments including piano, violin, flute, clarinet, cello, guitar, vocals, and music theory.


This program was initiated to give students the invaluable opportunity of learning an instrument as well as to provide them with a better education.  Our Educational Music Program also aims to give students joy and pleasure in what they learn.  Music is a hobby that the students are guaranteed to find beneficial in their daily lives.


To promote the music program, the tutors of the music program put on a music showcase in front of an audience that including several children, their parents, and city officials.  The showcase was success and the students showed much interest.