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President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

Application Information

PVSA is the president's recognition for volunteer hours, and can be a good feature in your college application and resume. YLOC applies our tutors as a group for this award twice an year. If you are a tutor and are also intersted in receiving the PVSA, please read the following information.


-Must be US Citizen or Permanent Resident
-For first time applicants, more than 6 months of YLOC experience                                                                                             -Only YLOC hours are eligible for applying for Presidential Award (includes the Recycling Project)
-For applicants who have already received the award once or more, applicants can apply only after at least 12 months from the last award                                       


To apply for the PVSA, applicant must submit:

1. YLOC’s PVSA Application Form
   - Calculate the total number of volunteer hours from YLOC and other volunteer organizations. For volunteer hours from other organization, must attach certificates issued by that organization and signed by the organization’s advisor.
   -For now, please ask your officers for the Application Form.

2. $40 Application Fee

Award Levels

Age 5-15:

  Gold: 100 hours or more
  Silver:  75 to 99 hours
  Bronze: 50 to 74 hours

Age 16-25:
  Gold: 250 hours or more
  Silver: 175 to 249 hours
  Bronze: 100 to 174 hours

Due Date: Please contact YLOC President

*For more information about the President’s Volunteer Service Award, please visit:


Application Form